TENOVA Digital Electronic Regulation (TDR-H) for Arc Furnace electrode positioning is based on TENOVA long-standing experience and is continuously improved in order to guarantee top performance level.

TDR-H receives electrical measures, from both primary and secondary side of the transformer and converts voltage and current signals using fast converters allowing an exceptionally high sampling frequency of 1,6 kHz. The processed signals are then seamlessly fed to the regulation loops to maximize the efficiency of the furnace electrical operation.

TDR-H is designed in order to guarantee maximum flexibility ensuring excellent arc stability with both hydraulic and electrical electrode column actuators and to easily and effectively interface with the EAF automation system to provide an accurate process control.

TDR-H can be fitted to the experience and preferences of the user. The regulator can be simply set to operate in all regulation modes.

  • Efficiency


    • reliable power control
    • energy cost saving
    • Substantial flicker and harmonic reduction
    • Increased active power for increased production
    • constant impedance
    • constant current
    • constant voltage
    • constant power factor
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Shorter power-on time for energy savings
    • Reduced electrode consumption and breakage