1. Twin-Chamber Melting Furnace TCF®
  2. Twin-Chamber Melting Furnace TCF®
  3. Twin-Chamber Melting Furnace TCF®
  4. Twin-Chamber Melting Furnace TCF®
  5. Twin-Chamber Melting Furnace TCF®
  6. Twin-Chamber Melting Furnace TCF®

Twin-Chamber Melting Furnace TCF®

Recycling of Aluminium is an important factor for the environmental footprint for the use of Aluminium. The Twin-Chamber Melting Fur¬naces TCF® provides a process for recycling of used and production return scrap without previous scrap treatment. The process reduces metal loss and offers high energy efficiency and environmental friendly operation.

The Twin-Chamber Melting Fur­nace TCF® consists of two chambers in a common furnace casing. The chambers are separated in order to allow separate and independent processing for scrap melting and furnace heating.

Scrap is loaded to the charging machine and put onto the dry hearth of the scrap chamber. Here the processing starts with preheating, drying and pyrolysing. The gas evaporating from the scrap's contaminants are transferred to the heating chamber for complete burning. While the scrap chamber is working in inert condition, the heating chamber provides optimum conditions for complete burning of fuel and pyrolysis gas.

Ingots, T-bars or thick-walled clean scrap can be put into the heating chamber, which is also equipped with a dry hearth for drying the incoming goods.

Homogeneous temperature and alloy composition is provided by a liquid metal pump. The pump sucks in liquid metal from the heating chamber bath and pushes it into the scrap chamber bath area. By way of the Charge-Well melting of alloying components and chips is possible.

The salt-free furnace operation contributes to the environment friendly recycling of Aluminium scrap.

The central regenerator CCR quenches the flue gas in order to avoid recombination of harmful components and recovers the heat from flue gas by heating up the combustion air in front of the burners.

Wide door openings and flat walls allow easy charging, cleaning and inspection.

Specific benefits:

  • automatic operation
  • easy to use
  • low energy consumption
  • low metal loss
  • minimal emissions
  • long service life
  • high melting capacity
  • large bath volume
  • low maintenance requirements

Advantages of central regenerator CCR:

  • quenching of all the flue gas
  • flexible and process optimized arrangement of burners
  • not restricted number of burners
  • high combustion air temperature
  • efficient heat recovery no steel parts in hot areas
  • Efficiency


    • Regenerative burner systems reduce energy consumption, resource usage and environmental pollution
    • Flat walls and wide door openings allow quick and easy cleaning of the bath area
    • Charge-Well provides efficient alloying and melting of chips
    • Processing with separate chamber atmospheres supports high metal yield
  • Safety


    • Liquid metal transfer via the Charge-Well offers safe conditions for operators
    • Automatic burner and process control improves safety
    • Hoods above doors reduce pollution of the building area during charging and cleaning operations
    • Charging by automatic charging machines reduces need for direct access of operators to the furnace
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