1. Walking Hearth Furnaces for Long Products
  2. Walking Hearth Furnaces for Long Products

Walking Hearth Furnaces for Long Products

Walking hearth reheating furnaces are highly flexible solutions featuring some key advantages such as: low scale production, low decarburization and no product remains in the furnace when the furnace has to stop operation (ability to walk final product piece through).


The Tenova walking hearth furnace design produces a high quality final product due to the lack of mechanical marking. Our proven wheels, ramps and guide systems provide reliable furnace operation. Long refractory life, minimized deflection and convenient scale collection are the advantages of our hearth design.

Applications include the reheating of

  • billets
  • blooms
  • slabs
  • beam blanks
  • pipes

Tenova Walking Hearth Furnaces for Long Products (Billets, Blooms and Beam Blanks), as all its reheating furnaces, are engineered to achieve top performances in all conditions while strongly limiting the pollutant emissions. This results is possible following the breakthrough improvements applied in the recent years by Tenova to the combustion system and to the process control technology.

  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Reduced OPEX due to the strong energy saving
    • Reduced maintenance activities
  • Efficiency


    • Strong energy saving due to the ultimate combustion technology
    • Optimized process control
  • Safety


    • No budget limitation for safety issues
  • Service


    • Engineering services for upgrades of existing equipment
    • Turnkey solutions and installations of integrated systems
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Reheating Furnaces for Long Products