1. Wet Scrubbers

Wet Scrubbers

Tenova’s in-house scrubber range for air pollution control is comprehensive, enabling selection of the most cost-effective solution to any dust-control or air-cleaning problem, large or small.

Systems are designed, manufactured and supplied as turnkey installation, with full after-sales service.

Tenova offers in-house scrubber designs, with the most widely used being the Dynamic Scrubber. The Dynamic Scrubber offers < 99.5% dust collection efficiency in the 1 - 2 µ range @1.5 kPa pressure loss. It is ideally suited to general dust collection on medium to high dust loads.


Venturi scrubbers

Venturi scrubbers seperate solids or liquids from a gas by scrubbing the gas stream to remove particulate. The scrubbing process uses water to trap the dust particles and thus clean the gas. The scrubber water containing the dust particles is normally cleaned and re-introduced into the scrubbing cycle.



  • Efficiency


    • High energy efficiency
    • Low water consumption
  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • Very low cost for high efficiency
  • Environment


    • Guaranteed emission levels of less than 25 mg/Nm³



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