List of Product Teasers

  • Steel Making
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    Steel Making

    Tenova offers a fully integrated range of high quality products, technologies and services for the steel making route, from iron and ferroalloy ores and scrap up to secondary metallurgy and liquid steel. Tenova is strongly focused towards the global market combining process automation and metallurgical know-how to enhance the value delivered to the customer. Tenova is a combination of several competences and business units able to supply worldwide direct reduction plants, electric arc furnaces with the unique continuous preheating and charging Consteel®, secondary metallurgy equipment as ladle furnaces and vacuum degassing systems including the refining equipment for the oxygen route and all relevant accessories and ancillaries. Tenova represents a one stop shop for the requirements of melting and electric steelmaking industry and their upstream suppliers.

  • Nonferrous Smelting
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    Nonferrous Smelting

    Tenova is a leading company in the design and supply of high-capacity electric furnaces (ac, dc), submerged-arc smelting furnaces and complete smelting plants for the production of ferroalloys, base metals, slag cleaning and alloy refining. We are industry specialists in solid / liquid separation and mineral processing applications for the minerals, chemical and industrial markets offering flotation, sedimentation, filtration, screening and gravity separation systems. With a long and successful history in the ferroalloy industry Tenova also designs and supplies equipment for material handling and pre-treatment, alloy conversion and refining, granulation of metal, matte and slag, furnace off-gas fume collection and treatment, treatment of hazardous dusts and wastes.

  • Fume Treatment
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    Fume Treatment

    Sustainable fume treatment and intelligent off gas management will play an important role in future steelmaking business. Tenova provides developments and products in the field of heat recovery and cogeneration systems, minimized off gas volume strategies, modern filter and dedusting equipment as well as latest analyzing technologies to meet future requirements and environmental regulations.