Tenova’s FMF® technology at Ural Steel

Metalloinvest chose Tenova’s FMF® technology for the modernization of their electric arc furnaces at Ural Steel.

Metalloinvest, a leading global iron ore and merchant HBI producer and supplier, invested in the modernisation of their plant’s Electric Arc Furnace Shop at Ural Steel, using Tenova’s advanced FMF® technology. The furnaces began pilot operation in 2019, with EAF #2 launching in February and EAF #1 in September. Since then, the furnaces have produced over 600,000 tonnes of high-quality steel.

The FMF® technology allows the production of steel using a converter method without electrodes or requiring electric energy. The FMF® furnace can use any charge components (hot metal, pig iron, HBI, scrap) with the possibility of increasing the share of hot metal in the charge to 85%. The advantages of the FMF® technology include the use of energy created by a chemical reaction to melt the solid part of the charge, which reduces energy consumption and minimises waste gas emissions.

Andrea Lovato, Tenova CEO, commented on the event: “The launch of the electric arc furnaces using our technology at Ural Steel is another example of our valuable partnership with Metalloinvest. We managed to complete works ahead of schedule thanks to our effective partnership. Our FMF® technology has already been used successfully at steel plants in India and China. This is the first project of its kind in Russia and Europe, something which we are very proud of.”

Andrey Varichev, CEO of Management Company Metalloinvest, stated: “Our Company is the first in Russia and Europe to implement FMF® technology. The modernisation of steelmaking capacities is an important stage in Ural Steel's strategic development programme. Metalloinvest invested almost 1.1 bn roubles into this project. Switching to the newest FMF® technology will reduce the environmental impact of Ural Steel’s production while increasing its efficiency.”